Why Run?

The fastest way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase bone density, muscle mass, stamina, endurance and cognitive function.

Why choose Frank Elford Sports in Plymouth?

Run by runners, who are regular runners from beginner to elite level and in contact with all the running clubs in Plymouth. Offering professional advice and FREE GAIT ANALYSIS for your whole running experience. So whether its your first pair of trainers, gym session, trail run, triathlon or even your next ironman or ultra event come and give your feet and fitness their best start.

Professional FREE GAIT ANALYSIS + EXPERTISE WORTH £30 with every pair of trainers purchased ensuring you TRAIN SMART and remain injury free.

We DO NOT sell corrective insoles. An INCORRECT INSOLE OR SHOE can lead to muscle and SKELETAL IMBALANCES which can appear years later if not addressed and show in foot, knee, hip and even spinal injuries.

Professional advice and free gait analysis from Frank Elford Sports for a better running experience.
Walk into our store in Plymouth or call us on
01752 265 122
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