How to Save Your Club Money

Don’t let your club’s finances go down the drain!

Over the years I’ve been a witness to many sports clubs shutting down and the chief reason for most of these closures is a lack of funds.

Amateur sports clubs have a history of struggling in the UK largely due to their vast numbers and the practical costs of keeping grounds. Sports grounds are inevitably hired by the club or owned (if the club is rich enough), however the real costs begin to mount when these grounds have to be looked after. For most sports, a certain amount of ground’s keeping is required to keep the pitch or field in a playable state. Winter sports such as rugby and football require the grass to be cut even (to a certain extent) and for lines to be drawn – whilst many of these duties can be performed by volunteers, they are time consuming and many clubs can’t rely on their own members to step up to the challenge.

Rent and grounds keeping are just two ways that a club’s finances can bleed out, there’s also insurance, equipment, licensing, employee salaries and many more things to consider. So, with all these expenses to deal with it’s always a good idea to think about ways that you canĀ save your club money, so that you can avoid bankruptcy and continue playing.

These money-saving tips are just a few examples of how you could save your sports club a few quid:

Ensure that members’ fees are paid on-time and in full

Members’ fees are often a sports club’s only real source of revenue. In order for the club to stay afloat it’s crucial that every member pitches in. Thanks to the advances of internet banking it’s become easier and easier to track your members’ payments. If someone is behind or is avoiding payment then it’s important to tell them and make it clear that this is simply not acceptable.

Keep your club house fresh and hireable

Your club house can be so much more than just a place to store your equipment. If enough care and attention is paid to the social areas in your club house then you can create extra revenue by hiring your space out for events. Invest in smart furniture and you could even use your clubhouse as a venue for weddings, wakes or life celebrations, bringing your club more bookings and more money.

Buy your club gear through a wholesaler

Although many clubs prefer to order their gear through big brands who also personalise the gear for an added fee, you could save money by purchasing branded goods through a sports wholesaler instead. You can buy wholesale Nike gear through a number of websites online giving you massive savings and then employ a local company to personalise them, who will also be likely to give you a discount on the service.

Make your sports club a social club too

The best way of making money for your club is by holding social events that bring in the friends and families of your players. Casino nights, Fun Days, Karaoke competitions and Dinner & Dances are just a few ways to get people into the club and spending money behind the bar.