Best Ever World Cup Moment

It’s finally here: The 2018 FIFA World Cup!

Like any avid football fan, I eagerly await every international football competition, anticipating every little thing that comes with a tournament that is set on such a grand stage.

The gossip, the drama, the knockouts, the thrill and the spills! Each time either the Euros or the World Cup rolls around our country is gripped with football fever that proves the sport to be one of the great levellers in our culture. This cultural impact has only got wider with the proliferation of the internet, so we can expect this World Cup to be the most watched (and most discussed) yet.

As the world has slowly become more and more connected over the years, we’ve been able to share our passion with the further reaches of the planet who can now watch along with us in real-time. Reactions, GIFs, YouTube commentaries, social media, blog posts: there are so many different ways to comment on the action that there’s really no excuse not to get in on the action. Before the games kick off in earnest, I thought I’d share some of my all-time favourite World Cup moments, with the aid of YouTube…

Roy Keane walks out of the Korea Japan 2002 Tourney

There was no other topic of conversation worth discussing that year other than Roy Keane’s mysterious exit from the Japanese/Korean World Cup, which briefly brought the attention of the world bearing down on the tiny island of Saipan and even became the subject of a hugely successful stage-show, which has been performed as recently as 2015. To this day it’s unclear what caused then captain, Roy, to exit the side…

Austria Nearly Cause An Upset in Pre-War Italy

The pre-war Austrian International team of the 30s is widely considered to be one of the finest teams assembled and are frequently referred to as the ‘Wunderteam’ by journalists and fans alike. Led by the sublime Matthias Sindelar, the Wunderteam played with a revolutionary style that was virtually unstoppable…until they were stopped, that is. Their streak of victories was put to an end by the hosts who halted them from reaching the Final.

Dennis Bergkamp Surprises the World

Known to many as ‘the perfectionists’ perfectionist’, Dennis Bergkamp was a celebrated player of his time who was known for holding himself to¬†extremely high standards (he’s so enamoured with it that the first chapter in his biography was titled ‘It Has To Be Perfect’). Although Bergkamp has expressed dissatisfaction with his career, something not totally unexpected from a man so obsessed with perfection, he has gone on record stating that his three-touch goal in Holland and Argentina’s quarter-final match was a ‘perfect’ moment.

Pele & Brazil Stun Italy for Third Trophy

No discussion of legendary World Cup moments can ignore the might of Brazil and one legend in particular: Pele. The winning Brazilian side of 1970 has been hailed as one of best, featuring the likes of Jairzinho, Tostao, Rivelino and, of course, Pele. This team was the first to win the tournament three times and their 4-1 win over Italy has been remembered as one of the greatest in the tournament’s history. This Carlos Alberto goal attests to the perseverance and dexterity of this side.