About Me

My name’s Franky Ford and I’m a sports fanatic.

This blog is dedicated to my thoughts on sports – from the smallest of musings to the biggest of diatribes.

Whenever I tell anyone that I write a sports blog I’m usually faced with looks of confusion. ‘You mean you just write blogs about Sports’, they usually say and I say:

So where did this whole sports blog things all start? Well, to answer that question I’ll have to take you way back to the start of my life – that’s right – it’s time for my whole life story:

Early Years

Whenever I have my Mother round for dinner she loves to embarrass me by telling stories about my childhood. Although her mind, for the most part, leads her to ramble for great lengths the one thing she always remembers is how I would always be clutching a ball as a child.

I was never interested in cuddly animals or toys, but I was fascinated by balls, so much so that in every childhood photo of me you’ll see me with a ball in my hand or my mouth. I have grown out of this habit since growing to maturity.

School Times

During school I quickly attached myself to every sports club that I could find. I felt that greatness must simply await me in a sport of some kind, so it was best to cast my net as wide as possible, after all I didn’t want to not play a sport and risk missing out on an internationally renowned career. My Mother, bless her soul, dutifully drove me to each and every practice, match and tournament.

By the end of my time in secondary school I had come no closer to immortalising my name in the annals of sport, but I had built an understanding of a wide range of different games, leading me onto my next challenge.


By the time I’d reached college I’d come to terms with the fact that I was not going to be the next David Beckham. I was not going to be the next Roger Federer. And I wasn’t about to challenge Nikola Karabatić for his crown any time soon – but I was OK with that.

My understanding of sport had grown to such a degree that I felt that I should pursue a new career: coaching. During my college years I studied Sports Science, Biology and Psychology. I was lining myself up for a future in coaching and by the end of my A-Levels, I was ready for my biggest challenge yet.


I enrolled at Loughborough University in 2005, Liverpool were on a roll in Europe and were due to claim the top title that year, whilst Spain were busy dominating the International Handball scene. My time was spent in equal parts on and off the pitch.

When I was’t coaching other students or out in schools taking classes, I was in the library getting a grasp on how the mind works and piecing together the mysteries of the human musco-skeleta system. By the time I graduated, I had picked up hundreds of hours of coaching experience and was certainly ready for something new.

Working Life

Although I’d wanted to find work for a professional sports team, my skill set did not lend me towards working with adult sides.

After throwing my CV at anyone with a vaguely sporting background for close to 6 months I bit the bullet and started applying for roles in schools. Within weeks, thanks to the excellent recommendations I’d received from previous schools, I’d found myself a job in a secondary school and my life as a teacher began in earnest. This was to be an industry that I would stay in for the rest of my working life – not that I knew it at the time…

Creation of Blog

This leads us to today. As sunlight streams through my office window, I can hear the playful laughter of the kids outside. I’m now a Head Teacher at a secondary school in the South of England, not far from my old alma mater. My job is demanding, I’m often kept in school for large swathes of time and find myself working than I’ve ever done before but I’ve still found time to start this blog, something that I hope I’ll be able to keep up well into my retirement years.